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This website is to supplement the work of the Crochet Graph Lobby on Facebook. We find, create and share graphs suitable to be crocheted into blankets and other projects. We also work to teach people to learn to crochet, and help people learn to graphghan.


The Crochet Graph Library was created in 2016 in order to have one place to store the personal collection of free graphs and patterns of Tina Marie. Out of the needs of one came many and, thus, The Crochet Graph Lobby (Lobby) was created. Lobby is a place where members can actively participate, interact, post their work and applaud the efforts of each other. It is a place to seek and receive encouragement, advice or recommendations with a huge range of experiences and differing opinions. In addition to all the resources and links for you to utilize, there are games and varying ways to win prizes or earn a free pattern. While that is not the main focus, it certainly is a lot of fun! The Lobby has an assembled team of people that work behind the scenes to help in any way that you could possibly imagine and then some! Do you want to learn how to graphgan, take lessons, join a crochet along and nab a free pattern in the process? There is help and resources available for people of all skill levels using a variety of techniques – left or right handed! While we cannot be all things to all people, we certainly try to do our best to help where we can!

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