Lobby Team

Lobby Team And Affiliates

We have head admins/mods for each group who help keep our pages running smooth and we reserve the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate or non-compliant.

Lobby’s Directing Admins are
Tina Hansard RoederLana FrazierNicole TeskeyBarbara FreemanAshley Sadler, and Jonna Infield Pierce

Executive Coordinator of all CGL Groups Beverly Yates

Meet your Full CGL Admin TEAM 
ADMIN TEAM – Each of the following admins are responsible for their own groups and or duties.

Tina Marie (Owner/ Founder) , Beverly Yates, Lissa Conley, Tina Hansard Roeder, Cheryl Hughes, Evelyn Stevens, Ashley Sadler, Nicole Teskey, Lana Frazier, Barbara Freeman, Liz Payne, Cathrine Wadler, Joanna Rampton, Luci Rouse, Alisa Arno, Jonna Infield Pierce, Kimberly Tabb, Sherri Selby Schroeder, Sarah Lambert, Heart Terry, Alicia Patchett, John Michael.

MODERATOR TEAM – Carrie Col, Becca Smith, Lori Cook, Mary Berquist, Athena Ells, Lorraine Egan, Suzette Du Plessis Robinson, Cindy Brown Savage Geddes, Webster Brenda Gebhart, Kathie Morris, Lindsay Williams, Susie Marvin Carraway & Kendra Walker.

We are a crochet graph and graphgan RESOURCE group. Whatever you’re looking for, you should be able to find it here!

Sister Group – Founder Lissa Conley – Locking Filet Crochet & Mosaic Techniques

If you wish to become a CGL affiliate, please contact us!