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About CGL

Welcome to the Crochet Graph Lobby! We are a international, male/female group, so we ask that you address the group as the lobby! Our group language is English, so please use it when posting or translate your post so that we can read it.

CGL community is expanding groups to keep everything organized. Please refer to the list of CGL groups below. We offer an expansive array of accommodations to assist you in your graphgan journey. CGL Lobby is the main hub (our house) and all the other CGL groups are branches (rooms) thereof. To make your transition within the groups flawless, take a moment to join all that we offer. Then going forward you will travel easily within the groups (all links will work, you won’t be delayed in pending membership approvals, etc.).

CGL Lobby – 

CGL The Learning Center – Learn how to graphgan

CGL Crochet Social – All things Crochet 

CGL Crochet Graph Library — Free and paid patterns

CGL Giveaway Lounge – 

CGL Lobby CALs Central (The Crochet Along Group)

CGL Crochet Showcase