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November Tester of the Month – Lana Frazier

Lana Frazier is our Tester of the month, she crocheted and won the vote with her Seven Dwarfs. Pattern by ET’s graphs, measures 58×58, crocheted with a 4.5 hook and red heart yarns.
Lana Frazier is a wife, mom and grandmother.
She’s been crocheting steadily for the last ten years. Started doing graphs when she joined the Lobby, nearly 4 and a half years ago(?). She usually has three to five graphs going at any given time.
She’s been moderator, then administrator for four years in the CGL Groups and Lobby. Presently she is head admin of our Testing Station. Her Life priorities… Prayer, husband, daughters, grands and crochet,
Everything else can wait!

Seven Dwarfs will be our Secret Santa Gift for all of our CGL members through the month of December 2021. Come join the Lobby to be eligible for it!